About The Project

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design by Véronique Vienne, Steven Heller is book that goes over, well as the cover says, 100 ideas that changed how we think and create graphic design.

I was talked to create 3 book covers based off the topics inside of the book... however I only took two ideas from the book. Those being Night Time Spectacular and Record Album Design. I added my own as this is a topic I was heavily interest at the time and believe this will become a large impact on graphic design as augmented reality becomes more common in the every day use of technology. 3D Design.

Night Time Spectacular goes over how buildings, signs, and objects being lit up at night changes our perspective as well as how we process the pieces. Ever been to Time Square in New York City? Completely surreal experience if you have grown up in a suburban area where you have a street light every here and there to light up the dark. Your perspective on the night will forever change when you go from one to the other.

Record Album Design is about how record albums change the way you think about music. Getting a recold album, pulling it out of its case and sleeve, and going through every tiny detail of such while listening to their music changes your perspective in how you not only listen, but how you process the song.

3D Design is based off of how we are starting to create augmented reality in our everyday lives. The first instance is the old blue and red glasses you get at the movie theater to see the movie flying out at you. Well what happens when instead you are able to have an ad fly out at you as you walk down the street, or when you are at home watching telivision. When things meant for the 2D world start to come into the 3D, it will change how we think about graphic design.