About The Project

This Public Safety Building is designed for the town Wilmington, VT. Their old fire house is on the verge of collapsing, and their current police headquarters is feeling small and cramped. They came to my college asking my class to come up with some designs for a new building located in the heart of the town, right on where the floorzone is. In my design the floodzone is right at the end of the massive driveway for the firetrucks to go down and head into town.

The other main component of this task is that the fire department and police department did not want to be mixed together.

They also needed a gym to train in as well to take certification classes in, as well as a public area for the town to meet as the current town meeting location is in their elementary school gymnasium.

My solution was to great a massive building that is divided into two in order to keep the two department seperated but cometogether on the top floor for a joined town public space and gym for their training. My main focus was finding the best layout to the firedepartment as their firedepartment is made up of mainly volunteers and do not primarily stay in the building. Due to this I had to think about the flow of how they would enter the building and gear up when an emergency happens. The policedepartment is seperated by public space and private being on different floors.